Something I've had under wraps since late last year is a very exciting collaboration with the Vancouver Opera! I was commissioned to create artwork for their 60th anniversary season, scheduled to begin later this year. They have recently released initial info over on their website:
Due to what's happening in the world right now, they were forced to cancel the remainder of their current season, and much is unknown for the future. We are all in the same boat wondering what is to come. All I know is that I was immensely honoured and proud to create this work, and felt I needed something to celebrate right now! Working with Art Director Annie Mack was the best. Thank you to Annie and the Vancouver Opera team, I couldn't be more grateful.

Moving into fall…

I can’t believe summer is over! It seems like it was last week that I was in New Orleans putting up wheatpaste art. Although Kolaj Fest was foiled by Hurricane Barry, I was still able to put up a mural, participate in a street art workshop by giving a crash course in wheatpasting, and deliver a talk on a panel! All in all a success despite the conditions we were facing. I was also able to bond with some great artists, and can’t wait till we can meet up again!

Kolaj Fest 2019

Can’t wait to head back to New Orleans in July to make some art and talk all things collage!
I will be embarking on my first large scale wheat-paste installation project, in a series called The Brujas Visit the Swamp.
I will also be speaking on a panel about narrative strategies in collage, as well as scaling up work.
You can read more info here:

World Collage Day party info!

May 11th, 2019 5 -8 pm at the Campbell River Art Gallery

To be super proud to represent the collage art community on this Kolaj Magazine Special Edition Cover is an understatement. Now available for order! Comes with loads of interesting stories about global collage artists, a World Collage Day poster, and a limited edition 8 pack of postcards by me. Head over to
to learn more and get a copy!

New year, new work, new projects!

I’ve been working away in the studio on some new things, and am absolutely thrilled and honoured to have been named Kolaj Magazine’s featured artist for World Collage Day! I am collaborating with them for the official poster and special magazine edition. You can read more about it here:

More news to come on upcoming events for 2019!

new beginnings

I’ve recently relocated to magical Salt Spring Island, BC and being out of the city and into nature so far has done wonders for my spirit and creativity. I’m exciting to be working on some upcoming projects which I will share about soon!
This is a new piece in my Brujas series where I have started to incorporate collage within collage. More to come :)

Summer Update!

It’s been much too long since a proper update, and I’m happy to say that lots of exciting and interesting things have been happening this year.
Most notably, I will be heading to Kolaj Fest New Orleans from July 11-15 to highlight my ongoing guerilla collage project The Dystopian Reader (currently found on Instagram:! Kolaj Magazine kindly wrote a feature on it, which you can find here:

Week 17: quilt style collage

I chose the thematic contrast of city and nature, then connected the two through the idea of mailing a letter.
“Town and Country”, collage on paper, 9" x 12"

Week 16: schwitters style collage

Studying specific collages by Kurt Schwitters, we were to create own collage studies. Even though Schwitters' work looked to be haphazard, they were masterfully composed with meticulous execution. I enjoyed challenging myself with all the straight edges, as I usually work with torn edge pieces.

Exciting News!!

I have just opened up an artist shop with Art of Where, where you can find lots of affordable art options. Choose from art prints on paper or panel, notebooks, and even a couple of pencil cases/pouches! You can find the new shop here:

Original Art still for sale, please message me directly for interest.

Week 14: frankencollage

October flew by and between travelling and my schedule changing up a bit, it was a challenge to keep on top of the weekly workshop assignments. This was a great one to lead up to Halloween, a technique used frequently by collage artists such as Hannah Hoch…mixing and matching body parts and different scales to come up with interesting new monsters…

I’ve been playing around with subtractive collage after this leftover scrap caught my eye!

“they always liked to stand out in a crowd”
2" x 3"
ink and paper collage

Week 9: triptych/diptych

The theme last week was to explore diptychs and triptychs through a floral theme. What a happy coincidence as I’ve been snipping so many flowers lately!

Week 8: collage book covers

This week found us dreaming up book covers for the specific title of “Tamerlane and Other Poems” by Edgar Allen Poe, creating 2 – 4 potential covers.
I briefly skimmed through the poems in the book, and some themes popped out at me – the heavens, dreams, and a nostalgia for being young (did you know this is some of his earliest work, written as a teenager?!)
I thought I would try and pull the feeling of those elements together.

Week 7: accordion collage book

I thought it would be interesting to explore the current series I’m working on through this totally different format. The book is double-sided with a different piece on either side, measuring approx 3" x 4". I had a lot of fun exploring composition on a new scale, and I will most likely make more!

Week 6: abstract collage

This took a while for me to get around to this week, as my comfort zone is really in “figurative” collage. The challenge was to use only coloured tissue paper, in this case I used mulberry paper as I have a large stash! I always utilize circles in my regular work, and I like to explore translucency and layering, so I drew upon these elements.

Week 5: colour relationships

Exploring the colour wheel was this week’s project – both analogous (colours which are side by side) and complimentary (across from each other on the wheel). It also involved really pairing down the collage elements, which was a great challenge for me as I am usually drawn to a lot of layering.
The first two are analogous: red/violet, and red
Second two are complimentary: blue/orange, yellow/purple

Week 4: collage mash-ups

This technique was often used by Dada artists which produced whimiscal and absurd results. I found it took a loooong time and a lot of magazine flipping to find the right pieces to line up!

Week 3: thematic collages

This week’s challenge was to pick a theme in order to generate collages. This was good practice for me, as I tend to go into work with no particular theme in mind. I went with the seasons, and attempted to convey the moods I associate with each.