Week 2: monochromatic collages

I found myself experiencing different emotions when putting together these pieces, colours have a powerful impact on our mood…
Yellow: uplifted, cheerful
Green: pensive, serious
Red: sultry, passionate
Blue: calm, serene

I’ve recently signed up for an online 52 week (yes! a whole year!) collage workshop run by artist, author, and teacher Randel Plowman. Along with the series I’m currently working on, I thought this would be a great way to deepen my techniques in the art of collage, shake things up a bit, and keep me accountable to a regular practice!
I’m currently on week 7, and was thinking- why did I not start updating about this weekly?! So I’m gonna do a blast of catch-up posts with the weekly projects, then update as I progress.

Week 1 : 5 minute collages

To flex our instincts, the challenge was to create several small collages set to a timer of 5 minutes each. I have amassed a lot of bits and pieces in my arsenal, and I am used to layering quickly so I really enjoyed it!

This is happening!
Go have delicious brunch and see my first show in Vancouver.

It’s been a long time in the making, but I’m finally working on some new paintings!
I’m playing around with collage as a painting ground, so stay tuned for what could be an interesting new direction.
In our current strange times, I’m pulling inspiration from the classic TV show The Twilight Zone for what I hope to be an intriguing series of portraits. . .